Concussion or Paranoia?

So here’s the deal, I am having trouble diagnosing myself, but before I start let me tell you what really happened first:

I was on my way to work and had to ride a jeepney. I always preferred to sit in the front seat. Luckily, there was one available, the other seat next to the driver was already occupied by a lady who’s wearing an office uniform (you know, that typical skirt and nylon blouse with collar), so I sat right next to her, just beside the door. After passing the underpass, the jeepney stopped and the lady looked at me.. I was wearing an earphone so I couldn’t really tell if she was talking to me.. So I removed the ear piece and asked her. “Is this your stop Miss?” She nodded and I gave way, I went out and waited for her to come out. While she was coming out, I was contemplating if I should just walk or go back to the jeepney. (If I walk it would just take me 5 minutes to the bus stop, if I go back to jeepney it would be 10 minutes, since the jeepney has to turn a round) but since we are in a tropical country and that time it was really hot, I decided to just go back to the jeepney and waited to be dropped off. As I was about to get in, I didn’t realize that the opening was just small and I am a tall girl (for a Filipina at least), because of that, I accidentally hit my head to the jeepney’s metal door jamb.. It was really hard, that I think the whole jeepney shook because of me. I just ignored it because I could have sworn that all of the passengers’ eyes were on me, I had no choice but to pretend it didn’t hurt. But deep inside, I was really screaming..

In the bus, I touched my head and I found out that, that part I hit was swollen and painful, but I didn’t feel anything at all. Having a bump seemed like a good sign, so I just decided to completely ignore it and pretend that it didn’t happen, since it was not bothering me at all.

And today, a day after, the bump is completely gone, but the pain is still there.. Not stronger than yesterday but I can still feel it. But what really worries me is that, I am now starting get headache and dizzyness. I’m not really a hospital lover but I don’t want to ignore it if it’s serious. So I started googling it and a lot of entried appeared, most of them suggested that it might be a concussion, and that I should observe my self for few more days if more symptoms appeared, if it does, I should go to hospital and have myself checked.

So far, I only feel headache/dizzyness, no nausea my pupils looked normal, my orientation seemed fine, everything looked okay.

But I am not sure if this is really a head ache or this is just in my head (no pun intended). That’s why I couldn’t really tell if it is a concussion or just me being paranoid.

I’ll try to observe myself more and I will surely post any updates here in my blog.



Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling

Have you ever heard of this “Oil Pulling”?

I was looking for the cheap yet very effective method of healing some of my diseases and it brought me to one site that discussed oil pulling. Yes, I don’t have just one or two ailments, I have many, this is just me diagnosing myself because I don’t like going to doctor, not because I have a phobia or something, it’s just that, I think it would be a waste of time, and of course, I don’t want to confirm if I am really ill.

How to do “OIL PULLING”?

This method involves “swishing” one tablespoon of oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes, it should be done in the morning after waking up and before anything else, anything else means, before taking anything in the mouth, food, water, coffee and before brushing. It should be done at least once a day.

Have you tried OIL PULLING?

Yes, this is one of the cheapest I found, and of course I did try it. Today would be the 3rd day of my oil pulling therapy. I bought sesame oil, and I have been swishing 1 tablespoon of it for 20 minutes every morning. It was kind of tiring in the gag but I am amazed that I was able to hold it for 20 minutes. Many people’s comments I read from different blogs says, it was really hard holding it for a couple of minutes, but for me? It was a piece of cake.

I have also recommended it to my best friend because she too is suffering from different illness.

Does OIL PULLING really work?

Since it was just 3 days since I started oil pulling, I couldn’t really say if it works because it still didn’t heal my (I think) is the chronic disease, but here are things I’ve noticed so far:

1. Insomnia is gone – I am an accountant and a heavy coffee drinker, I drink coffee before bed time, I also have the habit of surfing net in the midnight, chitchatting, and watching movies. That’s because I couldn’t sleep, if I didn’t do all that, I would be just lying and thinking “nothing”. But for 3 days after oil pulling, I was able to sleep without noticing, I am still doing those habits but I always fell asleep, I sometimes left my laptop and dvd player on because I had fallen asleep already, which does not happen before.

2. Sweating Increases – it may sounds yucky to everyone but it’s not, because I am the kind of person that don’t usually sweat. Even I think if you put me in SAUNA you would only get a little sweat out of me, that’s why I like going out in the sun, just to have a little bit of sweat. There was a time when my friends and I were doing general cleaning, all of them were already soaking wet with sweat, while I am still dry. I know it’s not normal to not sweat but there was nothing I can do. Until 2 days ago, it was really weird for me to sweat a lot, I commute with jeepneys and buses, and I was really shocked when I touched the back of my legs, it was full of sweat, I was wearing a dress and some of my bare skin touched the seat, and it was wet, I actually have to wipe it with tissue just so they wouldn’t think that I peed. Hehehehe and while walking under the heat of the sun, I could feel my sweat dripping at my back, making my blouse stains with sweat.

3. Regular Bowel Movement – constipation is common to women at my age, and that includes me, I have a very weird bowel movements, I don’t usually go everyday for 4-5days, sometimes more than that. Also, when I go, it would be for a whole day. After oil pulling on the first day, I went that day, and for 3 days, I’ve been doing it regularly.

So far those are the things I’ve noticed, although I think my skin got smoother, but I couldn’t tell yet for I have to make sure if this really because of Oil Pulling.

Are there Side effects?

I am not sure, but I’ve been having stomach cramps, I am not really clear if this is because of oil pulling or because of me being lactose intolerant, I had a milk yesterday morning and it started after that.

Other than that, there’s really nothing I could report on.


Jenna is a girl who’s life is always at the background, she never stands out, she’s just there, overlooked and forgotten. She doesn’t complain because she doesn’t like attention, she prefers to be like a ghost, she can roam around without anyone paying attention to her.

No one thinks she’s special, even herself, for her, she’s just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. But she didn’t know that there’s one person who has been with her ever since. Who’s been watching her ever since she was born, who thinks, she is a very special girl, a girl who has a greater purpose for this world.

This is a teaser of the novel I’ll be making, watch out for each chapter I’ll be posting as we follow jenna’s life on how she switches from being a plain unnoticed girl into becoming a savior and a chosen one!

sunny side up

This morning, my sister prepared breakfast for me, it’s fried egg, sunny side up, that’s how I like my egg. it was minutes before I went down. when I was about to get it, my sister told me, that it has smiley, I asked how did she manage to do it? She said she used soy sauce. I hurriedly went to the bowl and here’s what I found! It was not as I was expecting it to be, but this was way way better than the smiley..

My Jack-O LanterN Sunny Side up!


I love skulls by the way ūüôā

Dream 1/16/2013

This will be my first post here. although this was not the first time I shared my dreams, i’ve been sharing some of my dreams with my friends thru my Facebook Account (Notes).

this dream i will be sharing to you guys was a very weird dream.. creepy yet very mind opening

I believed that you know how dream works right? dreams tend to shift events from one situation to another and that what happened to me.

my first scenario was., i saw a crowd of people marching along the highways with placards banners and tarps, they were mad, really mad.. it’s like you’re watching another EDSA revolution but with a fewer people (i must say)…i peeked in because i was dead curious as to what they were doing or what are they fighting for… until i saw one banner, i’m not really sure what it says but i think it has something to do with one journalist who wrote¬†something¬†about using cosmetics and steroids, that same journalist though was there.. he was being¬†surrounded¬†by different people, he was being tortured and really was in pain, bruises all over his body and some bloods too.. but that’s not the creepiest part yet., i saw a very large man emerging from the crowd., huge muscled broad torso and bald head…this guy was¬†Dwayne¬†Johnson¬†“the rock” he¬†approached¬†the poor journalist and like the usual wrestlers do., he was saying something¬†gibberish¬†. and saying that this guy¬†doesn’t¬†respect him and he’s¬†committed¬†the worst sin ever..¬†something¬†like that i’m not sure..after his “nonsense” talk, he reached into the poor guy’s head and twisted it using his bare hands… the poor journalist was instantly dead.. and the crowd cheered… very barbaric…after his very not so good deed up there he went back to the house.. that house was my boss’s house.. and he started taking the paint and the brush and the paint spray.. as he was painting, the paint spray suddenly burst and he threw it in the garage., making the paint spilled all over the walls and floors.. and the paint spray¬†didn’t¬†stop bursting.. so what i did was.. i threw it to the vacant lot¬†across¬†hoping if it explodes no one would get hurt ..and after a few seconds.. i was contemplating of taking the spray and threw it further coz i’m not sure if i’d thrown it far enough.. but as i tried to get out of the compound, i heard a very loud explosion from the vacant lot¬†across¬†. i¬†actually¬†thought of seeing fires and smokes.. i looked back and saw that the car and the garage were damaged and a guy from inside the house was shouting… “the rock” and i approached ¬†him and i saw the top of his head almost cut all the way from the forehead to the back… he’s still alive but he is in pain.. the rock tried to put it back by pressing the head together,¬†every time¬†he presses it, the blood spills¬†until¬†he decided that he¬†couldn’t¬†make any remedies of it..and he said he was sorry…

¬†next scenario… i was with my female boss and i suddenly had a tummy ache… it is bearable but she decided to take me to the hospital cause she was really worried… as they were waiting in the waiting room, the surgeon who was doing my surgery went out of the OR with scrubs and everything and approached them.. he was looking for my¬†relatives¬† but my female boss said, that i was with them and they¬†don’t¬†now how to contact them,, the surgeon said “i really have to discuss this to her relatives cause this is a very sensitive one”, my boss said, “it’s okay, you can tell it to me, she’s like a family and if we hear from her relatives, we will just pass the message” the surgeon looked¬†convinced¬†and he said “okay, she still alive and my team is preparing to close her up, i¬†couldn’t¬†continue the surgery because her body has a lot of complications, she is dying and she only have few days to live..” my boss asked “wait, what? how did this happen? she was okay a while back?” the surgeon replied, “it is because she was not taking good care of her body, this started when she was young, and now that she’s getting of age the complications started to emerge and it’s really too late for her to mend it up…” my boss was crying…. after a few hours.. ¬†i was walking back to the lab room to get the result, my boss told me everything that the surgeon told them so i hurried back to the lab to get the diagnosis…i asked the surgeon and he said the same thing.. i was actually relieved i mean i¬†didn’t¬†cry like crazy i think i felt relieved that i’m dying.. but at the same time i was worried about my family.. i was thinking what will happen to them if i died? i have no insurance and¬†don’t¬†have much savings.. so what i did was, i started going to loan companies and insurance companies.. trying my best to make sure that my family wont get any burden if i died (money to be specific).. as i was talking to different companies., there was a girl who in my dream was a close friend of mine who was worried about me, she referred me to another doctor she knew, she gave me the address and she accompanied me., i saw a car/mechanical shop and the doctor was dressed with white but with a lot of fuel on his hands and clothes., my friend gave the result to them and as he was about to give me his findings.. i woke up… i tried to sleep again to hear what the doctor would say but i was shifted to a very short dream…

last scenario.. i was checking my¬†Facebook¬†account and as i was going to my profile i saw a different was a name of my male nurse friend.. and then i woke up again…

and that ends my dream.. hehehehhe weird eh!!!